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Far from the madding crowd of Birmingham’s bustling centre are a number of walking opportunities in Warwickshire.

Alcester and other nearby villages have been the subject of a number of archaeological digs. There’s a great heritage centre as well as a number of medieval buildings and street patterns. The area is renowned for its beautiful floral display in the summer. The seven-mile walk sets the town into its surrounding environment, complete with the River Arrow and villages of Wixford, Oversley Green and Exhall.

There is the Ansley Parish Walk, a gentle walk in north Warwickshire takes you through a number of villages. It is marked along the route by the North Arden Heritage Trail, establishing a 25-mile circular route. It entails the Saxon world of Lady Godiva and the remains of the coal mining landscape.

The rolling hills of Burton Dassett offer a breathtaking beginning to this walk. On clear days you can see the Malverns from over 40 miles away. Walking, kite flying and picnicking are popular activities in the country park. Your route crosses a landscape which hasn’t changed since medieval times.

Coomb Country Park offers a great family day out for a quiet picnic in the open air. The park has areas for bird watching as well as a café, visitor centre, history room and discovery centre as well as the Coombe Abbey gardens and an arboretum to stroll in.


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