Chinatown, Birmingham

The Walkabout bar is an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking for a chilled place to hang out. It’s got a great pub atmosphere as well as a dance floor and plenty of seating.

The Mailbox is situated a short walk from the city centre. The night owls here tend to be a little older than on Broad Street and often invite city types who have just finished work. The bars are largely more upmarket around here – many of them also serve food and decent, if a little expensive, cocktails.

In the heart of Birmingham’s Chinatown is The Arcadian CentreThis area can be found in the heart of a number of Chinese and Cantonese restaurants and market stalls. There are some great bars around here as well as a number of excellent restaurants, including Festival Balti.

Like many major cities, Birmingham has a thriving nightlife for gay men who like clubbing. This area branches off from the Arcadian Centre, especially Hurst Street. The Loft Lounge is an especially popular location with its modern New York atmosphere and velvet-walled booths. It also offers a great menu of food.